Policy Rule Execution Latency

This metric can be used to track the latencies associated with the execution/processing of the individual rules whenever they evaluate incoming resource requests or execute background scans. This metric can be further aggregated to present latencies at the policy-level.

Metric Name


Metric Value

Histogram - A float value representing the latency of the rule’s execution in seconds.

Use cases

  • The cluster admin wants to know how efficiently the policies are getting executed by tracking the average latencies associated with the Kyverno policies’ execution since the last 24 hrs.
  • The cluster admin wants to track the rule causing highest latency in a certain cluster policy.

Filter Labels

LabelAllowed ValuesDescription
policy_validation_mode“enforce”, “audit”PolicyValidationFailure action of the rule’s parent policy
policy_type“cluster”, “namespaced”Kind of the rule’s parent policy. Kind: ClusterPolicy or Kind: Policy
policy_background_mode“true”, “false”Policy’s set background mode
policy_nameName of the policy to which the rule belongs
policy_namespaceNamespace in which this Policy resides (only for policies with kind: Policy), For ClusterPolicies, this field will be “-”
resource_kind“Pod”, “Deployment”, “StatefulSet”, “ReplicaSet”, etc.Kind of this resource
resource_namespaceNamspace in which this resource lies
resource_request_operation“create”, “update”, “delete”If the requested resource is being created, updated, or deleted.
rule_nameName of the rule, in the above policy, which is evaluating in this situation
rule_result“PASS”, “FAIL”Result of the rule’s execution
rule_type“validate”, “mutate”, “generate”Rule’s behavior type.
For rule_execution_cause=“background_scan”, it will always be “validate” as background scans only run validate rules
rule_execution_cause“admission_request”, “background_scan”Identifies whether the rule is executing in response to an admission request or a periodic background scan.
In background scans, only validate rules whereas in the case of admission requests, all validate/mutate/generate rules run

Useful Queries

  • Tracking the average latency associated with the execution of rules grouped by their rule types (validate, mutate, generate):
    avg(kyverno_policy_execution_duration_seconds{}) by (rule_type)

  • Listing the validate rule with maximum latency in the past 24h:

  • Tracking the average policy-level execution latency of the enforce policies in the namespace “default”:
    avg(kyverno_policy_execution_duration_seconds{policy_validation_mode="enforce", policy_namespace="default", policy_type="namespaced"}) by (policy_name)

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